White Tahoe Cookies



White Tahoe Cookies Marijuana Strain

White Tahoe Cookies Marijuana is an indica-dominant strain created by Kush4Breakfast and distributed by Archive Seed Bank. This strain is a blend of The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies cut, and exemplifies attributes of each in trichome coverage, effect, and aroma. The GSC bouquet has been enhanced through this cross, offering up sweeter, hashier notes with distant OG undertones. Its restful effects pile on with each hit, weighing the consumer to their seat while alleviating minor pain and anxiety.

Its terpene profile gives it a scent that’ll remind you of sweet hash while its undertones come in an a variety of notes such as citrus, nuts, or spices. Some have used this strain to help with their insomnia, inflammation, nausea, appetite loss, inflammation and chronic pain. Because several reviewers have stated this strain can lead to sedation, they agree that it’s best consumed in the evenings before bed as its effects might be potent. However, some say they have enjoyed W Tahoe Cookies because it’s uplifted their mood and gave them bouts of the giggles or experienced arousal with their partner.

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