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Review of the Illegal Marijuana Delivery service

In the wake of widespread legalization of marijuana cultivation and recreational use in many states, the effectiveness of legalization in shutting down illegal side the marijuana market is still inconclusive. This is partly due to the lack of organization and foresight by the state governments, but also to lack of information about the legal and illegal marijuana markets. Make no mistake about it, the illegal marijuana market is the biggest risk factor in the development of the legal marijuana market. Legal growers and other licensed participants in the cannabis markets should take notice.

A review of production and sales in California provides insight into legalization’s progress. California is grappling a lack of foresight, planning and organization for the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana. While states like Nevada have seen tax receipts 40% higher than expected according to a new Pew Trust research study, California (with the largest cannabis market in the world) has seen tax revenues come in 45% below projections.

Marijuana delivery service 

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