Shishkaberry Marijuana Strain

Shishkaberry Marijuana Strain, or “Kish,” is an indica-dominant hybrid that came about from crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain. This plant will mature in 8 to 9 weeks and should yield a fairly high amount of flowers. this indica’s buds have a fruit and berry aroma and will be painted with shades of purple. Its initial head buzz is happy and good for finishing things up or being social, but will slip into a lazy high over time.


A Shishkaberry plant can grow as tall as six or seven feet in height when grown outdoors. By the time this plant is fully grown, it is heavily frosted in a thick layer of white, resinous trichomes.

A Shishkaberry plant has dense, spade-shaped buds and light green flowers. It also has beautiful, vibrant purplish hues, which stand out prominently against its overall frosted appearance.

Shishkaberry Strain Grow Info

The good news for prospective Shishkaberry strain growers is that its growth difficulty is rated as easy. It is a pretty straightforward plant to grow, which makes it suitable even for novice growers.

A Shishkaberry plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors. However, experienced growers recommend that you grow it hydroponically indoors, using the Sea of Green method.


The average indoor flowering period for a Shishkaberry plant is between eight to nine weeks. However, another massive plus for Shishkaberry growers is that it can flower in as little as 45 days. In terms of Shishkaberry’s yield, indoor growers are looking at around twelve to sixteen ounces per square meter.

If growing your plant outdoors, expect a yield of twenty ounces (or more) per plant. Outdoor growers, your plants should be ready for harvesting around late September or early October.

Experienced Shishkaberry growers recommend curing the buds for even better results. Begin the curing process by either hanging the buds upside down or; you can place them on a drying rack for around seven to ten days.

When the buds are completely dry, put them in wide-mouth mason jars. Seal the jars’ lids tightly and place them in a cool, dry place for storage, e.g., a closet.

For the first week, open the jars’ lids at least three times each day for about five to ten minutes. This will allow any moisture in the jar to escape and will prevent mold from forming.

You will only need to open the lids a few more times during the second week of the curing process. After two or three weeks, the buds should be sufficiently cured. You can continue to cure the buds for longer if you wish, for even better results.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded THC level in a Shishkaberry marijuana strain sample is believed to have been a whopping 26%.  THC level can range anywhere between 15%-26%.

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