Black Cherry Punch



Black Cherry Punch weed strain

Black Cherry Punch – Netflix and chill with The Witcher all winter on this heady indica hybrid. The sweet, citrus, grape-cherry dankness punches with a velvet glove, leaving you relaxed, happy, and tingly. Perfect with the spooky vibes.

Black Cherry P trends into 2022 because it’s awesome and widely available. Key breeder In-House Genetics mixed the modern classic Symbiotic Genetics Purple Punch, with a very hype flavor—Black Cherry Pie. It’s not exotic per se, but still irresistible to everyone from the backyard grower, to Oregon mega-grower Oregrown, to Oklahoma medical farms, to big Midwest and east coast legal grows.

As of press time, anyone could tap in with Black CHPunch seeds on Neptune Seedbank. It’s za-za for the people.

“You could be picking up dogshit, and on this stuff, you’d be having the time of your life,” one reviewer states. “Every inch of my body is burning relaxed and I feel like a huge Sour Patch Kid.”

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No strain trend list would be complete with a nod to Wedding Cake—a top-searched strain of 2021. Alas, Wedding Cake fans have started looking for a side piece.


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