buy weed online with a Wire Transfer

Cannabis Dispensary Western Union payment

Send the Payment via western union at cannabis dispensary for your order Click HERE or in Person Following the instructions below: 

  • Complete the Send Money section of the form and choose Cash Pickup.

  • Give the agent the completed form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee).

  • Save the receipt with your tracking number (MTCN).

  • Notify us via email with a full Picture of the receipt showing the MTCNSenderReceiver andAmount

Cannabis dispensary Walmart-to-Walmart

It’s easy to send money person; for cash pick-up at a Walmart and now you can order at cannabis dispensary online.

  • Fill out the sending form at a Walmart with the info provided after you submit your order.

  • Make sure the transfer is for cash pick

  • Give the funds with the fees to the agent in front of you and collect a receipt. 

  • Notify us via email with a full Picture of the receipt showing the Reference #Sender, Receiver and Amount.

Send the Payment via Moneygram as payment on cannabis dispensary online HERE or in person following the instructions below: 

  • Find a location
    Locate a convenient MoneyGram location near you.

  • Bring your information
    Have your receiver’s information, along with the money you want to send.

  • Send reliably
    Hand the money and fees to the agent and your money is on its way.

  • Find a location