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White Dwarf Marijuana Strain

The White Dwarf marijuana strain is yet another mysterious marijuana option. Users can expect to feel relaxed and sleepy towards the end of the evening. As the name suggests, this strain grows short but still provides a reasonable yield.

Now that cannabis is legal to grow in several states, the hunt is on to find strains that become short plants while still producing reasonable yields. The White Dwarf marijuana strain ticks this particular box. It has mysterious origins, but novice growers enjoy the fact it doesn’t require a huge level of maintenance.

What Is the White Dwarf Strain?

The full genetic makeup of the White Dwarf strain is unknown. It is possible that this strain was a combination of ruderalis genetics with two indicas, which Buddha Seeds bred. However, it is believed that Riot Seeds refined the genetics later on. They apparently used a cross of Lowryder and an unknown strain.

What we know is that White Dwarf is an indica-dominant hybrid. By the standards of modern-day cannabis, it has a relatively moderate THC content. As such, if you use it sensibly, you will find that the high is more than manageable.

By the standards of modern-day cannabis, it has a relatively moderate THC content.

Initially, this strain’s high will likely improve your mood. Users suggest that they feel euphoric and more creative. However, there is no accompanying energy boost, so you’ll need to push yourself to get things done.

You have a small window to embrace your artistic side because soon the body high takes hold. Before long, you’re lying or sitting down with no intention of getting up. Then your eyes feel tired, and sleep isn’t far away. As a result, it is best to use White Dwarf in the late evening no more than a couple of hours before bed.


The White Dwarf strain has a pleasant aroma consisting of pine, citrus, and hints of earthiness. It isn’t particularly pungent, but it is most certainly inviting. The scent intensifies somewhat when you grind the buds, and you may get subtle hints of berries and spices.


The alluring aroma sets you up nicely for what is a delicious tasting strain. It is ideal for novices because it is extremely light on the palate. Tinges of earth and spiciness accompany the sweet citrus notes. White Dwarf is also a smooth smoke that shouldn’t cause a coughing fit.


When you first view White Dwarf without knowing its THC content, you’ll assume it is ultra-potent. This is because its bright green nugs have an enormous number of glistening white trichomes. Before harvest time, this plant has an unassuming appearance and can almost blend into a garden.

White Dwarf Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Although this strain has mysterious origins, it is relatively easy to find information on how to grow it. It is also simple to find White Dwarf seeds online. In an ideal world, you will have a greenhouse that you can use to grow this strain. Realistically, however, you will only have the capacity to cultivate it indoors.

It is considered an easy strain to grow and is an excellent option for novices. It requires little maintenance as it is robust and resistant to most pests and diseases. However, you must make sure it gets enough light. White Dwarf grows short and bushy, so you may need to occasionally trim large fan leaves to ensure the rest of the plant is exposed to sufficient light.

Despite its small stature, White Dwarf marijuana strains produces a surprisingly large yield. However, it has a very long flowering time for an indica of up to 11 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

Generally speaking, White Dwarf’s THC content is around 15%. In an era where 25+% strains are common, this is potentially mild for experienced users. However, newcomers should respect this strain because too much of it will cause adverse effects.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is unlikely that you’ll find more than a fraction of a percent of CBD in White Dwarf.

Medical Benefits of the White Dwarf Strain

The White Dwarf strain is extremely popular amongst MMJ patients who have difficulties sleeping. After a few tokes, relaxation takes hold, and you’re already in the mood to settle down for the night. The sedating feeling means this strain is suitable for individuals with chronic aches and pains. It is also a worthwhile option if you have insomnia.

Individuals with conditions such as cramps and migraines often suggest that this is one of their favorite strains. You should also consider White Dwarf if you suffer from stress or depression. The initial euphoric high could help boost your mood temporarily. There is also a suggestion that this strain can improve your appetite and reduce nausea.

Possible Side Effects of the White Dwarf Strain

As White Dwarf isn’t the most potent strain, the adverse effects are generally quite mild. Novices might experience dizziness and headaches on occasion. Otherwise, the main things to worry about include cottonmouth and dry eyes. The moderate THC content means these issues aren’t as big a problem as with more potent strains.

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