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True OG Marijuana Strain

True OG Marijuana Strain is a popular indica strain that was originally discovered in Southern California, where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean grown.” Bred with genetics from the very popular OG Kush, True OG is potent enough for mellow, lasting effects combined with a more focused head high. Flowers have a pungent, crisp citrus and evergreen scent. True OG Marijuana Strain has snagged the 2nd place indica spot in every High Times Medical Cup since 2010.

True OG Marijuana Strain Experience

True OG is a 5-time award winning strain. An OG Kush cross, this gem hails from Southern California. South of the Golden Gate, this strain is one of the most popular Indica strains available. Drawing from its Kush ancestry, this strain features a strong, pungent scent with plenty of fuel-like acidity and hints of citrus.

What makes this strain so popular? It’s astronomically high THC content. While True OG will almost always have over 20% THC, the Elemental Seeds version soars as high as 27.6%. That’s some psychoactive weed. New cannabis users should start slow with this one. Otherwise, they may find themselves fast asleep on the couch. The effects of this strain are classic indica. Expect to feel a powerful, heavy body sensation.

Traits of True OG and TOG Experience

True OG Marijuana Strain owns a particularly unique scent. Marijuana connoisseurs will recognize the skunky, pungent aromas with notes of pine. It can be quite a powerful odor that is only amplified when marijuana consumers burn these buds. The taste contains familiar notes of Kush, but with added complexity. Experienced cannabis enthusiasts will notice the exotic spices in the smoke. This almost incense-like smoke can cause some consumers to cough, especially marijuana newcomers. A layer of pearly white trichomes coat pale green leaves with orange pistils curling their way through the layer of resin — this strain’s glimmer will catch the eye of any marijuana enthusiast.

Medical Benefits

This strain can be seriously useful to medical marijuana consumers dealing with a number of conditions.

  • Best for nighttime use, this strain is a favorite among insomniacs and anyone needing a little extra help catching some shut-eye
  • Medical consumers tend to like this fast-acting Indica for pain and headaches
  • Those with a poor appetite will also find success with this strain, it kicks nausea and nervous stomach to the curb
  • Some marijuana patients with depression appreciate the euphoric uplift that this strain provides

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