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Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain was awarded 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001, and as you could probably guess from the name, it has a sweet smell of flowers and berries that accompanies it. The potent colas of this hybrid are candy-coated with trichomes, providing uplifting and euphoric effects that are great for combating stress and headaches. Bred by Barney’s Farm, Sweet Tooth’s genetics sprout from mixing landrace strains from Afghanistan, Hawaii, and Nepal.

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain THC levels of this strain rest at 14%, with highs of 19% being reported. It’s a good choice for night time use, since it does induce sleepiness and a powerful body stone that can eliminate many forms of pain, such as aching joints or arthritis. Some reviewers report cerebral effects of lucidity and give it high ratings for use at social events. However, many prefer to consume this strain at home, at night, to relax. Many report it alleviates headaches as well as induces the munchies. Negative effects are the norm – dry mouth and eyes. Few have reported dizziness, but it is a symptom if consumed improperly. Sweet Tooth takes about nine to ten weeks to cultivate, flowering at the end of September.

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