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Super Skunk Marijuana Strain

A predominantly indica variety, Super Skunk Marijuana Strain takes its robust flowers from its parent strain Skunk #1. By backcrossing the legendary Skunk with Afghani genetics, Sensi Seeds created a strain with dense, thick buds that are known to be extremely pungent with a surprisingly sweet taste. This strain produces a bold relaxing effect over the body and is a great answer for increased stress and body pains.

What is the Super Skunk Strain?

This slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1. Sensi Seeds created Super Skunk as part of its continued efforts to get the best out of Afghan cannabis. Within the breeder community, there is a goal to create the ideal Afghani genotype which matches Skunk #1. Sensi Seeds knows that Skunk #1 has heavily influenced breeders for half a century and is trying to see what awesome strains it can create from it.

There’s little doubt that the famed breeder has succeeded with Super Skunk. In general, experienced users know that cannabis affects everyone differently. However, this strain takes that to the next level. Its effects are reliably unpredictable.

For some, Super Skunk is a fantastic way to relax and chill out. For others, it promotes an intense feeling of focus and offers a burst of energy. It often begins with a cerebral high that ensures the user’s stress is alleviated. Soon, however, the body high takes over and causes your limbs to feel heavier.

Even so, it is extremely rare for Super Skunk to induce sleep. Instead, it helps you enjoy an evening of relaxation while retaining a clear mind. As such, it is an excellent option for an afternoon smoke. In some cases, this strain causes people to burst into fits of giggles.


It won’t take you long to figure out that this strain has Skunk heritage. It is an extremely aromatic bud that provides a pungent ammonia scent. Some users claim they get hints of woodiness and cheese beneath the skunkiness. 


If you’re expecting a specific taste based on the smell, you’re in for a surprise. Super Skunk provides a sweet, fruity flavor that will likely catch you unaware. You’ll possibly get hints of citrus and earthiness, too, along with the strong skunky taste.


This strain’s buds are extremely dense, with short orange pistils and glistening trichomes covering the plant by harvest time. These colors ensure Super Skunk is an aesthetically pleasing strain, especially when you include its forest green leaves.

Super Skunk Strain Grow Info

You can grow your Super Skunk seeds indoors and outdoors due to the resilience of this plant. It remains tough against inclement conditions and can also withstand most common pests and molds. Growing it outdoors could result in a high yield of over 20 ounces per plant. Super Skunk is ready for harvest by the end of September or the beginning of October.

However, there is one major problem with cultivating this strain outside. Its smell is extremely potent! There is little chance of disguising this hybrid. Even if it is legal to grow cannabis outdoors where you live, you’ll have to worry about thieves stealing it. Another issue is that this strain prefers moderately high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, it isn’t the best option if you live in an extremely warm climate.

As a result, it is best to grow Super Skunk marijuana indoors with fans and filters in your grow room. If you elect to cultivate this strain indoors, its flowering time is 8-10 weeks. It can produce approximately 18 ounces per square meter under optimal growing conditions.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Super Skunk strain is relatively potent and contains an average of 20% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain’s CBD content of 1% is somewhat reasonable since it wasn’t bred to include a high cannabidiol level.

Medical Benefits of the Super Skunk Strain

The deep-seated relaxation provided by this strain makes it a viable option if you have anxiety or stress. Consider trying it at the end of a particularly challenging day. Individuals with depression may also find the mood-enhancing properties of Super Skunk worthwhile. Users often say that the euphoric effects help them forget their worries for a little while.

There is also a possibility that this strain could help relieve nausea. This is especially good news for individuals who struggle to work up an appetite. This strain is strong enough to relieve chronic pain potentially.

Possible Side Effects of the Super Skunk Strain

Its body high could cause sedation if you use a large amount. Some MMJ patients suggest that they feel heightened anxiety and nervousness, not to mention mild paranoia. Once again, this is typically down to overconsumption. Minor side effects include bloodshot eyes and dry mouth.

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