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Power Plant Marijuana Strain

Power Plant Marijuana Strain comes from Dutch Passion Seed Company and is derived from powerful South African sativa strains. Thanks to this, these plants have a fast growing time compared to most sativas and will produce either many medium-sized flowers or a few very large buds with smaller “popcorn” buds between 7 and 9 weeks.

These plants are troopers and will do well in almost any grow environment, but its woody, earthy scent is pungent, so indoor growers will have to prepare. This Marijuana Strain has a sharp, peppery taste. While many sativas are good choices for a clear-headed buzz, this plant’s high THC content makes it powerful. It makes some users happy and creative, though effects may verge on too intoxicating for some.

Power Plant Marijuana Strain is a sativa-leaning strain that emits a pungent and earthy scent with traces of sandalwood and spice. Its cured nuggets are shaped like pointed tear drops and its mossy green colors are speckled with small orange pistils.

THC levels average from the mid-teens to low-20’s. Fans of Power Plant Marijuana Strain say they have experienced a decrease of social anxiety with improved creativity. This has given it a reputation of being fun for social gatherings or events. Others have consumed Power Plant and reported mood enhancement coupled with a rush of energy.Not much is known about this strain’s  lineage, but it’s believed to stem from an African sativa. In 2006, Power Plant won second place in the High Life Cup as well as in 2008 and 2009.

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