Master Kush Marijuana Strain



Master Kush Marijuana Strain

Master Kush Marijuana Strain is a potent indica that is great for medical cannabis patients. Featuring THC levels of 20% and up, this strain may be a little strong for beginners.

Pain Relief
Lack Of Appetite

Master Kush Marijuana Strain is a potent Indica that is great for medical cannabis patients. Featuring THC levels of 20% and up, this strain may be a little strong for beginners. Marijuana enthusiasts looking to explore the Kush family will be intrigued by the combo of head and body buzzes offered by this strain, most famously from Broken Coast Cannabis.

Master Kush Experience

Not to be confused with Master Kush Marijuana Strain Ultra (MK Ultra) this strain is an interesting one for breeders. It’s thought to be a tetraploid strain, which means that MK has four sets of chromosomes rather than two. It is unclear whether or not this has an effect on cannabinoid content, but it may possibly result in a longer vegetative cycle and larger flowers. However, more research on tetraploid plants is sorely needed.

As an Indica, this strain produces strong, heavy-bodied sensations. It is great when you need a little extra help falling asleep. If you’re looking to avoid the munchies, however, Master Kush probably isn’t for you. You’ll be wandering into the kitchen after a few puffs of this powerful strain.

Traits of Master Kush and Seeds

Master Kush Marijuana Strain is a potent Indica with a strong hash aroma. In fact, this strain is a daughter of Hindu Kush, which is thought to be a charas strain. Bred by Dutch White Label Seed Company, this strain is a popular find in Amsterdam coffee shops. Its reputation as a powerful relaxant has helped it cross the pond. This strain is now popular in the U.S. and Canada.

Marijuana fans, including Snoop Dogg himself, enjoy the earthy, classic kush flavor with hints of citrus. Marijuana consumers will love the bright green shock of this strain’s buds, which are full of tangled, almost brown, pistils. A nice dusting of trichomes completes a bud that marijuana fans will want to show off and share.

Medical Benefits of Master Kush Marijuana Strain

While medical consumers tend to like Master Kush Marijuana Strain for pain-related conditions, it also has a number of other applications.

  • Intense anxiety, stress, and depression melt away under the relaxing, uplifting effects of this strain
  • The strong sense of blissful, euphoric relaxation makes this strain perfect for anyone who just needs a little time to quiet down and veg out
  • Medical marijuana patients will also find this strain useful in treating migraines and headaches, as well as PTSD

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