Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain



Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain

Laughing Buddha marijuana strain is a Sativa marijuana strain with a potent, energetic high. Pick up this strain if you’re looking to hang out with friends — it’ll leave you feeling giggly and talkative.

If you’re looking for a silly and sociable sativa, Laughing Buddha marijuana strain is your new go-to. It’s an uplifting and spirited creation from Barney’s Farm Seeds. It’s perfect for social gatherings or active outdoor activities and can ease symptoms of depression. Grab Laughing Buddha the next time you need some daytime relaxation.


Laughing Buddha Strain Experience

Laughing Buddha is a cross between Thai and Jamaican strains. Bred by Amsterdam’s Barney’s Farm Seeds, this strain provides a happy and uplifting high. This strain’s aroma is predominantly citrus and spice, giving it a sharp and striking fragrance. Featuring moderately high levels of THC, tapping in around 18 percent, this strain is recommended for intermediate and experienced marijuana consumers.

The effects of Laughing Buddha are strongly energizing. As you might guess, LB has a reputation for inspiring a giggle fit or two. Inhaling the vapor of this strain is like taking a breath of pure relaxation and joy. Clear-headed and uplifting, this strain is a very peaceful marijuana strain that is a great choice for a wake n’ bake.

Sociable and giggly, recreational consumers will love this strain’s jolly high and friendly nature. Take this strain to a social gathering or enjoy on your next hike. Sativa fans will love the strong mood boost this strain provides. It will not only help you focus, but it will make even the most boring work seem less dull.

In high doses, however, this strain may cause paranoia and anxiety. This is especially true for cannabis novices, so it’s best to take it low and slow with Laughing Buddha.


Traits of Laughing Buddha and LB Seeds

Cannabis enthusiasts will notice the citrus and pine scents mixed in with Laughing Buddha’s tropical aromas. A slightly toasted smell balances out the fruitier elements of this bud, for a nicely balanced strain. When Laughing Buddha is broken open, its signature spicy scent emerges.

These notes intensify when the strain is combusted. A pleasantly smooth smoke gives way to a herbal lemon flavor on the exhale, making for a pleasant experience overall.

This plant produces large, spear-shaped buds that are fluffy in appearance. Yellowish leaves are coated with a frosty layer of white trichomes, making for some pretty sticky weed.


Medical Benefits of LB

This happy Sativa strain is also a great remedy for a number of medicinal ailments and symptoms.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain to help manage depression. With strong mood-boosting properties, this strain is perfect for anyone bogged down by stress or feeling more than a little blue
  • Many patients also use Laughing Buddha for muscle-spasm control and headache relief
  • If lack of appetite is an issue, this award-winning Sativa can even stoke the appetite in some cases

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