Grapefruit Marijuana Strain

Grapefruit Marijuana Strain is a potent sativa was developed by crossing Cinderella 99 with a fast-flowering sativa selected for its rich grapefruit flavor. The tropical, citrus smell of Grapefruit mixes with energetic effects to give you a happy stress-reliever that also works well for battling migraines.

This Marijuana Strain, the sativa cannabis strain, emits a smell and taste similar to the name given to it. It’s both sweet and citrusy, with a tropical taste that main claim to enjoy. Its buds are light green in color with amber pistils, neither too dense nor too fluffy.

A breeder named Steve from Spice of Life originally had found the clone, however, and it gained popularity in the 80s.

The THC level of Grapefruit Marijuana Strain averages at 15% and tops off at 20% in some crops. It’s been described as being a good strain for a wake and bake, often energizing the consumer and leaving them feeling more free to socialize and become more talkative. For some, it’s known to prompt deep thinking and introspection. Many people use this strain to combat mental negativity. Some have noted it can help alleviate headaches and migraines.

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