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Death Bubba Marijuana Strain

Death Bubba Marijuana Strain is the creation of Sea to Sky’s Matteo Suleyman and brings together Death Star and Bubba Kush to produce a powerful Indica experience for marijuana consumers to enjoy. This British Columbia native, loaded with trichomes and terpenes, boasts high THC content and lemon, pine and sweet flavors.

Death Bubba Experience

With it’s 70:30 Indica / Sativa split, Death Bubba Marijuana Strain offers cannabis enthusiasts both a sedative body-buzz and a rippling head high, thanks to this strain’s THC content, which ranges from 18-25%. After about an hour of a Sativa-like buzz, during which marijuana consumers can expect to feel focused and uplifted, the deep Indica effect of the plant reveals itself. Relaxation, spaciness, and introspection are a part of this phase of the high, eventually giving way to a deep, almost death-like sleep (hence the name). Consumers who frequently choose this particular weed report feeling well rested and refreshed afterward.

Weed enthusiasts can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Death Bubba Oil for those who prefer a smoke-free way to consume their cannabis.
  • Death Bubba Vapes are available from a number of top brands, including Toko and VapeMeds
  • For marijuana consumers who prefer concentrates, DB budder is available from a number of providers.

Traits of Death Bubba and Death Bseeds

This Strain boasts a strong, musky aroma of both earthiness and pine. Its flavors are somewhat similar, but also offers notes of sweetness and lemon with some spicy and woody tones. Some cannabis consumers will note a pungent flavor on exhale, but nothing that would make the strain unpleasant to novice or experienced weed connoisseurs.

The potent Indica effects of this strain can produce a degree of couch-lock for some marijuana consumers, and some lingering drowsiness. Experienced and novice cannabis enthusiasts alike will notice dry mouth and dry eyes as some typical side of this strain.

This plant produces some good looking flowers. Rich, dark green leaves, coated in a generous dusting of white trichomes, are covered in orange hairs, giving the strain a frosty, almost furry appearance.

Medical Benefits of DB

  • Death Bubba’s balance of Indica and Sativa elements make it a great option medical marijuana patients dealing with a number of ailments, such as insomnia, stress or depression.
  • The high CBD content, ranging from 0.3-1% make this strain a nice option for cannabis consumers looking to alleviate chronic pain caused by cancer, neck pain or some spinal cord injuries.
  • It’s also a nice option for those dealing with a lack of appetite.

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