Clementine Marijuana Strain

Clementine Marijuana Strain is a sweetcitrus flavored sativa hybrid that combines Tangie with Lemon Skunk genetics. The concentrated live resin of Clementine from Crocket Family Farms took home 2nd Place for the Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan.Dubbed as a great wake-and-bake strain, Clementine Marijuana Strain is reputed to increase both mood and energy as its sativa effects take hold, while relaxing any tense muscles in the body due to stress as its indica characteristics submerge. Users report that this strain won’t create a spacy or heady high that some hybrids are known for, rather it will help with focus and awareness. Some medical consumers have indicated that they use this strain to help manage with symptoms of, ADD and ADHD, along with depression and anxiety.

After you open up your package of beautiful buds, the scent is what will strike you next. Its terpene profile has a high level of terpinolene, which creates a citrusy scent very similar to limonene. You’ll be reminded of sweet and tart lemonade that will make your mouth water.


The Clementine strain grows quite tall and can reach up to 80 inches outdoors. A mature plant has exceptionally large flowers and a dense coating of trichomes. The leaves are yellowy-green with orange, clementine-colored pistils growing in clusters around them.

Clementine Strain Grow Info

Clementine is a relatively easy strain to grow as it is naturally highly resistant to common molds and mildew.

While Clementine seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, it thrives outdoors in a semi-humid climate. The optimal daytime temperature range for this plant is between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the plant can grow quite tall, it requires regular pruning and trimming to keep its height and shape under control.

The indoor flowering period for Clementine weed is between 8-9 weeks and yields 11 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers can expect a higher average yield of approximately 15 ounces per square meter. It is generally ready for harvesting around the middle of October.

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