AK-47 Marijuana Strain



AK-47 Marijuana Strain

AK-47 Marijuana Strain is a Hybrid marijuana strain with many medical uses. Often used to treat stress and depression, this strain will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed, uplifted and happy.

AK-47 Marijuana Strain is popular among novice marijuana growers for a reason. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a quick flowering time and produces a relaxed, cerebral high. Medical cannabis patients often turn to this strain to treat ailments such as pain and depression, while recreational cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy the creative buzz this strain offers.

AK-47 Marijuana Strain Experience

Though the name may sound a little aggressive, AK-47 Marijuana Strain is an award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is the easy-to-grow child of Mexican, Colombian, Afghani, and Thai landrace strains. The result is a mellow and relaxing high with plenty of pleasant, cerebral effects.

At low doses, marijuana consumers can expect to feel their creative juices flowing. At these levels, this is the perfect marijuana strain for social activities or medium complexity tasks, like watching a movie or reading. 

In higher doses, AK-47 Strain bodily effects will take hold. Cannabis consumers will find relaxing body effects to go along happy, euphoric effects. Some even find it helps to promote restful sleep with a few tokes before bed.

Traits of AK-47 and Seeds

First bred by Serious Seeds, AK-47 Marijuana Strain features a skunky yet sweet taste and aroma. Marijuana connoisseurs will detect floral, woody and slightly earthy notes in this strain’s smoke. This flower smells much the same as it tastes, with earthy, spicy notes.

Some cannabis consumers will notice a slightly chemical aftertaste, but not enough to make the overall experience unpleasant. The typical THC content hovers at around 17%, though they can reach up to 25% depending on growing conditions.  Seeds produce dense flowers, with a nice layer of white crystals covering tightly packed leaves and some deep red and orange pistils.

AK-47 Marijuana Strain has a quick flowering time for a Sativa-dominant strain and grows well indoors. The typical THC content hovers at around 17%, though they can reach up to 25% depending on growing conditions.

Medical Benefits of AK-47 Marijuana Strain

This strains combination of relaxation and mood-lifting effects make it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients looking to find relief from a number of ailments.

  • The happy and euphoric feelings AK-47 inspires is often a great treatment for anxiety and depression
  • The relaxing effects of this strain are appealing to those who suffer from muscle spasms and other painful conditions such as migraines
  • Many marijuana patients report that this cannabis strain is excellent for relieving symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps
  • Marijuana consumers who experience a lack of appetite will find this strain stokes their appetite

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