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marijuana joint, Smoking weed

Smoking weed is the oldest form of consuming cannabis and continues to be the most popular method even today. In ancient times, one of the earliest recorded uses of cannabis was by a group of people called the Scythians, based in Central Asia around 600 BC – 400 AD. They were known to throw cannabis on hot rocks inside of a tent and inhale the smoke.

Today, cannabis flower is the most sold cannabis product. Smoking that flower in joints, pipes, or bongs are some of the most popular ways to consume weed.

Arguably the simplest way to consume, to smoke, all you need is some weed, a device, and a lighter, and you’re good to go.

How is cannabis smoke absorbed by the body?

After you take a drag off a joint or a pull off a bong, inhaled smoke travels from your mouth into your lungs. The inside of your lungs are lined with millions of air sacs called alveoli, and combined, they have a huge surface area.

Compounds in cannabis smoke, such as THC, enter your bloodstream via the air sacs in your lungs, traveling first to your brain, and then the rest of your body.

This happens within seconds, and the cannabis consumer will likely feel the effects of smoking within minutes.

Different ways to smoking weed

Smoking methods haven’t evolved much since the times of our ancestors. These methods have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and continue to be some of the most popular ways to consume flower.

Smoking methods include:

Each has its pros and cons and provides a different experience.


marijuana joints, Smoking weed

Joints are arguably the most classic way to smoke weed. Other ways to roll up weed include blunts and spliffs, which incorporate tobacco. Portable and versatile, these rolls can be consumed almost anywhere with the flick of a match.

It used to be that you or someone you knew had to have the skills to roll one, but not anymore with the advent of pre-rolls.


A sherlock-style glass pipe from Torcher Glass. (Matt Stangel)

Pipes are probably the most common smoking device because they are small, portable, convenient, and easy to use. Just break up some weed, pack a bowl, put a flame to it, and inhale.

They are available in different materials and come in many shapes and sizes, and price points.

Pipe glassblowing has evolved into an art form, while other pipes are prized for their functionality.


US Tubes bong
(Matt Stangel)

Bongs also come in a variety of styles and designs, and usually increase in sophistication from pipes because they incorporate water and need a chamber for it.

The addition of water cools the smoke, making hits smoother and cleaner, but it’s uncertain whether it acts as an effective filter for harmful substances.

Benefits of smoking weed

wedding crasher marijuana strain, Smoking weed
Wedding Crasher.


Smoking flower is the purest, most basic way of consuming cannabis—it hasn’t been altered or turned into dabs, edibles, or other products and allows you to taste the flavor of a strain. Growers have different growing practices as well, which can come out in the flavor of flower.

Variety of strains

You can enjoy all the different varieties of strains and the different flavors and effects each has to offer when smoking flower. Other cannabis products could be a mix of many strains.

Ritual of the session

There’s nothing like lighting up a joint or packing a bowl and passing it around a circle of friends, or sitting on a couch taking bong loads while watching a movie. Whatever your ritual, smoking methods lend themselves to one, while other forms like edibles, tinctures, and topicals don’t. The session can be a way to hang and bond with fellow stoners.

There can also be a ritual to rolling up—it takes some time to roll up a joint or blunt, which is part of the experience missed in other consumption methods.


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